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Trazodone Extended Release Generic
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Generic of trazodone ) for insomnia, depression, and sleep. The study included 15 participants, none of whom had any prior history of depression and the average duration of treatment for each participant was 13 months. The participants were randomly assigned to receive either placebo or trazodone 100 mg once daily. All participants had an overnight polysomnography recorded during dosing. The study consisted of 4 nights within weeks, with each night using the same participant. Each morning, participants were asked to recall their sleep from that night on a seven-point scale of sleep difficulty. Results showed that both placebo conditions were equally effective. The average maximum difference on score was -9.4, and difference scores were -1.42, 0.42, and -1.39 for placebo, trazodone, trazodone 100 mg in the morning, respectively. Results indicated that, compared to placebo, both trazodone and 100 mg were effective medications in improving sleep difficulty (measured the morning), mood, sleep architecture, and daytime functioning. "Our results indicate that trazodone is the most efficacious antidepressant in treatment of insomnia this study and that both trazodone 100 mg are effective antidepressants also when administered as monotherapy," said Dr. John Z. Yan, principal investigator. "Trazodone was slightly more effective than trazodone 100 mg in reducing sleep difficulty during an entire night. Trazodone improved mood, sleep architecture, and subjective feelings of fatigue. All these findings are consistent with placebo effects," said Dr. John Z. Yan, principal investigator. In conclusion, Zalewski, Yan's co-investigator, concluded: "Trazodone's combination of safety and effectiveness in combination with placebo sleep has allowed us the opportunity to explore potential sleep disorders. With such a small sample size, it is difficult to tease out the individual differences between various groups. We cannot discount placebo effects from the study. However, using sleep diary data in conjunction with behavioral measures of mood was superior to the other available cognitive, physiological, and neuroimaging methods." About the study: This clinical study was conducted as part of a larger randomized proof concept study to evaluate trazodone's efficacy in alleviating the symptoms of sleep disturbance. Researchers randomized participants in the study to receive either placebo, trazodone, or trazodone 100 mg once daily in the morning for 28 days. primary objective of both treatment groups was to show a statistically significant difference from placebo in sleep problems compared to baseline. Participants who completed the study showed substantial improvements on most subjective measures of sleep as well objective measures that showed a significant increase in mood and a reduction daytime functioning. The study's findings support results of a preliminary feasibility study that included 30 participants found the combination of trazodone and diazep