Security Services

Here in the United States, threats uncommon only ten years ago now dominate our headlines.  Corporate workplace violence, industrial espionage, bomb threats, hacker attacks and labor disputes are issues all corporations may face.  Private individuals must also address new threats as stalking, identity theft, electronic fraud and domestic violence.  Our primary, and only mission is protecting our clients.  The Welter group protection services, modeled on those of the United States Secret Service, are designed to keep our clients out of harmís way.  We protect clients under the threat of physical attack by employing meticulous planning, advance preparations, counter-surveillance and protective intelligence.  The Welter Group stands ready to provide you with a wide array of protective services, each of which stand-alone or integrate seamlessly into a comprehensive security solution.  Of course, all of your information is confidential.  It is legally protected by Investigator-Client Privilege, and will not be provided to anyone for any reason without your written approval.
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